You should always read the pop-up messages on your PC. Don’t just click ignore or OK.
If you don’t understand the message ask for help. Often the messages are confusing or contain a long string of letters and digits. Ask for help. You can ask us what it means via email, at no cost. [Contact Us form]

Tips for getting help:

  1. – Write the message down.
  2. – Take a clear photo of the message on your screen.
  3. – Take a screen shot or use the Snipping Tool to capture an image of the message.



The pop-up messages can be annoying but they could contain important information about the performance of your PC. They could signify that you are allowing unwanted changes to your computer.

Don’t be impatient, make sure that you read EVERY prompt before you proceed.  If you are seeing pop-ups often, this could signify a problem.  check-oilThink of them as the Check Oil or Check Engine Light on your car dashboard – Don’t Ignore it.

If you blindly agree to these messages you may be agreeing to a program, new browser, toolbar or MALWARE. You definitely don’t want to do this.

We’re here to help – just an email away.

Tip: Always Read Pop-up Messages.